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White Sands Dive Shop

Las Terrazas Resort's onsite dive shop is a PADI 5-star full service dive center  specializing in daily diving, SCUBA instruction and snorkeling for the island of Ambergris Caye. Owner Elbert Greer is a PADI Staff Instructor and looks forward to creating the perfect SCUBA diving and snorkeling experience for Las Terrazas guests. White Sands is a PADI International Resort Association member and is licensed by The Belize Tourism Board.

Blue Hole Dives

A one-day adventure to the Blue Hole includes three spectacular dives of up to one hundred thirty feet. Six miles north of Half-moon Caye, in the lagoon of Lighthouse Atoll, is the Great Blue Hole. The name alone makes it different from some of the other 'blue holes' to be found in the Caribbean. This one is the largest, deepest, and most famous worldwide. Your first dive stop will be the Blue Hole, a one thousand foot circular coral reef that drops four hundred feet into an incredible cavern filled with stalactites and inspiring natural formations. Your second stop will be at Half Moon Caye wall where you will marvel at the abundance of its marine life. Numerous varieties of sponge and sea fans compete for space amongst the plethora of coral species that inhabit this wondrous attraction. You will spend your surface intervals having a leisurely beach picnic on Half-moon Caye. Your final stop will be at the so-called 'Aquarium'. Named after its tremendous variety of fish, you will find yourself in awe as you see Angelfish, Butter fish, and many more flitting form coral head to coral head. Bring along equipment, Equipment can be provide at a fee upon request.

Trip time: Leaves 5:30 AM & Returns 5:30 PM
Equipment Needed: Snorkel Gears, Sun Block, Hat
Appropriate Clothing: Swimsuit, and Change of Clothing
Other:  $40.00US per person entrance fee
Tour Operator Provides:  Lunch, Drinks, and Guides

The Elbow

One of the seventy dive sites waiting to be sampled at Turneffe is the Elbow. With a three thousand foot wall and some converging currents filled with nutrients, this can be one of the most exciting dives anyone can experience in the Caribbean. The Elbow currents supply a natural concentration of food, which accounts for the large population of fish and other marine life. Also, some of the largest gorgonians to be found anywhere sway gently in the current providing a spectacular black drop to the explosion of marine life encountered. This three-tank dive also takes you to the stop at Billy Bob's where the formations have created many exciting canyons, tunnels, and swim-through. This area is heavily populated with the many reef fish that inhabit this part of the Caribbean. The last stop brings you to Myrtle's Turtle. Earning its name because of a large, green turtle named Myrtle that appears here almost every spring, this is just one more of the fantastic dives Belize has to offer. Finally, after this exhilarating day of diving, journey back to La Isla Bonita for a relaxing evening. Surface intervals are used for a special picnic lunch.

Trip time:  Leaves 5:30 AM & Returns 5:30 PM
Equipment Needed:  Snorkel Gears, Sun Block, Hat
Appropriate Clothing:  Swimsuit and Change of Clothing
Other:  $40.00US per person entrance fee
Tour Operator Provides: Lunch, Drinks, and Guides

Mexico Rocks Snorkeling

Mexico Rocks encompasses an expanse of brain corals and an abundance of other marine life hidden in its crevices. Tres Cocos offers a shallow snorkel right off the reef and is popular with juvenile and colorful fish with an abundance of elk horn corals and other hard coral formations. This is an extensive patch reef system with the greatest coral and sponge diversity in all of Belize.

Trip time:  Leaves 9:00AM & Returns 11:30 AM or  Leave 2:00pm Return 4:30pm
Equipment Needed: Snorkel Gears, Sun Block, Hat
Appropriate Clothing: Swimsuit and Change of Clothing

Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley Snorkeling

Hol Chan means little channel in Mayan and is a natural break on the barrier reef where ocean depth ranges from three to thirty feet. Here you can enjoy seeing the breath taking myriad of marine life and huge coral garden, among which are flourishing stag horn corals and sea fans. Shark Ray Alley is a shallow water snorkel where you will enjoy swimming with the harmless nurse sharks and southern stingrays. This sanctuary was officially established in 1987 and since then the return of all species of fish has been quite dramatic. Due to its protected status, what was once a depleted fishing area has now been allowed to re-generate, producing a quite colorful fish spectacle.

Trip time:  Leaves 9:00am & Returns 11:30am or Leave 2:00pm and Return 4:30pm
Equipment Needed:  Snorkel Gear, Sun Block, Hat
Appropriate Clothing:  Swimsuit and Change of Clothing
Other: $10.00US per person entrance fee
Tour Operator Provides:  Drinks and Guides

Sail & Snorkel Caye Caulker

Sail aboard a Catamaran to Caye Caulker, snorkel the sites with the most prolific fish life on the reef, Hol Chan Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Enjoy lunch and a stroll through the lobster fishing village of Caye Caulker. Rum punch, beer and soft drinks included. Bring snorkel gear, lunch money and Hol Chan park entrance fee. Enjoy a full day of snorkeling. We star off by swimming at the coral Gardens, a spectacular view where one can be amazed by the coral formations and the colorful inhabitants that have made it their home. Continue to the Caye Caulker Cut for another incredible spectacle of color formed by the variety of fish living in the barrier reef. Move over to the neighboring island of Cay Caulker for lunch and a small visit to the village. The final stop is at the aquarium for a swim with the friendly sharks and stingrays, but this is not all. Also get the chance to visit some lively Northern sea horses. - Level of difficulty - Easy -

Trip time:  Leaves 8:30 AM & Returns 4:30 PM
Equipment Needed:  Snorkel Gear, Sun Block, Hat
Appropriate Clothing:  Swimsuit and Change of Clothing

SCUBA Courses & Certification

Resort Course: PADI Discover SCUBA Diving

Designed to dispel common misconceptions about SCUBA by letting individuals try it for themselves. The Discover Scuba pool experience introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed manner. New divers may earn credit toward PADI SCUBA Diver certification. Discover SCUBA experience qualifies you for the Discover SCUBA Diving experience.

Bubble Makers Seal Team PADI Program

Designed for children aged 8-10 years , this program is run through our onsite 5-Star PADI dive shop, White Sands Dive Shop. The Bubble Makers program is an exciting underwater activity-filled introduction to the world of diving. The PADI Seal Team program allows children to experience the adventure, discovery and thrills of swimming underwater. It also provides parents or guardians with a structured program that lets their children develop skills, learn about the aquatic realm and have a lot of good, clean fun.

Class times: Starts 8 AM at White Sands Dive Shop; Finishes after lunch in the resort pool
Equipment Needed: Swimsuit
Included: Beyond course instruction, PADI AquaMissions kit, log book and DVD are included

Open Water Certification

The PADI Open Water Diver course is divided into three segments including academic training, confined water training, and four open water dives. Academic training gives you the basic principles and knowledge you will need for safe and enjoyable diving. Confined water training takes place in our pool and will teach you the basic skills of diving. The four open water dives allows you to demonstrate your mastery of these skills and practice them in a typical diving situation, while enjoying the underwater sights of Belize.

Referral Certification

The referral certification consists of four open water dives required to complete your certification. Two dives a day at the reef allow you to complete the necessary and required skills, while developing your confidence in the big blue.

Advanced Certification

The course is made up of three core dives, a navigation dive, and a deep dive. You will also make two elective dives that you will choose with your PADI instructor. Elective dives to choose from are peak buoyancy control, a boat dive, a drift dive, a multi-level dive, an underwater naturalist dive, a wreck dive, and underwater photography dive. The Advanced Open Water Diver course is a good choice for those interested in not only exploring the reef, but also doing so while advancing their underwater experience.

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