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Father and Son Bonding in Belize

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
04 Apr
Father and Son Bonding in Belize

Father – Son Bonding in Belize

Tropical beaches and luxury island resorts are often thought of as the perfect place to host romantic getaways and celebrations. While Las Terrazas Resort and the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize are the perfect location to experience significant milestones such as destination beach weddings, babymoons, and anniversaries, they have so much more to offer than romance. This destination is also prime real estate for *guy trips*! From a weekend away with your guy friends to bachelor parties and father-son vacations, Ambergris Caye proves to be a classic choice for your next man-cation.
Chuck and Greg Johnson are a great example of just this, as they are return year after year for their annual father-son vacation. Having just returned from their sixth trip to the island, we snagged the opportunity to talk with them about their experiences and to find out just what it is about Las Terrazas Resort and Ambergris Caye that draws them back each year. With a trip that is centered around football, fishing, and family, it's easy to see the lure. Their first trip was planned in January to fit with Greg's work schedule, and it turned out to conveniently revolve around one of their most favorite shared passions: the NFL playoffs. The simplicity of male bonding over sports and adventure on one of the most attractive islands in the world make this a classic trip that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.
Their four-night itinerary is the same every year: After landing on the island on a Thursday evening, they grab dinner in San Pedro town. This is the only night they allow themselves to enjoy the local Ambergris Caye restaurants - they expect their fishing trips to be successful enough to provide all the meals for the remainder of their stay. Their first morning on the island starts off bright and early as they head out on the water to fish. In addition to being known as a diving and snorkeling destination, Ambergris Caye is also known for the triple crown of fishing: tarpon, bonefish, and permit. It is truly an Angler's Paradise, and as such, they have a standing appointment with Clifford and Manuel from Seakarus Fishing at 8am that first morning of their trip. Cliffy and Manny are their preferred guides, as their experience proves tried and true each year. They are expert fishermen who provide an authentic fishing experience; they throw nets to catch live bait along the shore and know exactly where the fish are biting. Whereas some guides create man-made shelters for fish with old boats and other sinkable items to ensure a catch, Chuck and Greg prefer the idea of a true fishing experience, and these guides take them inside and outside of the reef, through the channels, along the mangroves, and anywhere else the fish are biting. Chuck and Greg swear that these guys are the top guides on the island; so successful and reliable is their coaching and navigation that they have to be booked a year in advance! The Johnson men typically catch snappers, barracudas, and groupers. Occasionally they might come across a fluke fishing day, but one thing remains true: whether it's a good or bad fishing day, any day on the water is a good day.
After four hours of fishing, Chuck and Greg return to the Las Terrazas Resort dock where they have Clifford and Manny clean and filet the fish before taking it to the resort's fabulous O Restaurant kitchen. There they meet with Chef Nolvin Catalan to discuss the various dishes they want prepared for them each week. Chef Nolvin is raved about by resort guests for his fabulous preparation of wild catches; from ceviche to Mediterranean and blackened fish, his delectable dishes are to die for. Chef Nolvin goes above and beyond by preparing the fish in two or three different ways each night, but Chuck and Greg's favorite by far is his curried fish over coconut rice - this choice dish is one that they are sure to order every year. After placing their orders with Chef Nolvin, their Friday afternoons are always the same - relaxing with Belikin beers and rum punch on the beach while competing against each other using Las Terrazas Resort's corn hole and giant Jenga games. They end their first full day on the island with a poolside dinner, their dishes perfectly served up by Chef Nolvin. The rest of the weekend is identical, with the addition of their Saturday and Sunday afternoons made complete by kicking back to watch the NFL Playoffs. Rather than lounging on the beach, they enjoy their Belikins in their condo and have their catch of the day delivered via room service as they cheer on their teams. If this doesn't sound like perfect guy time, we aren't sure what does!
While fishing and football certainly comprise most of their weekend, this father - son duo also enjoys exploring the beach together. They typically walk north one day and south the next and just keep on trucking until they realize that they should probably turn around…. after all, the farther out they go, the farther they have to walk back! From getting a great work out as they traipse along the sandy beach to climbing through the lush jungle greenery that lines the water and observing the ever changing infrastructure as new resorts and businesses pop up along the island over the course of time, their walks prove to be an opportunity for them to connect through some good old fashion classic male bonding… and memories! Like the time that Chuck learned the hard way that Crocs are not ideal beach walking shoes as his feet were quickly covered in sand and "goo" that put a bit of a damper on their walk. He now brings tennis shoes for their walks - crisis averted!
Though these trips have almost exclusively been just for the two of them, Chuck and Greg both hope that it can one day extend to the third generation Johnson man… though he has yet to come along. And while this trip is a perfect outlet for classic father-son time, there was one year where the wives tagged along, and it proved to be a great couples trip as well! The ladies explored San Pedro, lunched at El Fogon where they experienced a true Belizean meal cooked over an open hearth, and indulged in spa treatments at Las Terrazas Resort's Serenity Spa & Wellness Center while the menu were out to sea. Each evening the couples would come back together for family time over dinner and drinks.
As if the island itself isn't enough to please this father-son pair, they also boasted of the Las Terrazas Resort property as the perfect place to land each night. For them, it proves to be the ideal Belize luxury resort due to the town home and condo accommodations offered. They each have their own bedroom and their own private bathrooms. The full-sized kitchen allows them to stock the fridge with all the Belikin necessary for the football watching that will commence over the course of the weekend. In their personal opinions, the resort's location north of town, coupled with their January travel schedule, allows for a more relaxed environment without tourists and locals walking along the beach. They also raved about the resort staff. From Curl Bell who makes their fishing arrangements a seamless experience, to the long-standing O Restaurant staff and chef who faithfully serve them year in and year out, to the new general manager team who they were introduced to and impressed by for the first time this year, they are continually amazed by the resort's luxury accommodations and hospitable team. They emphasize the fact that the Las Terrazas Resort staff's warm and friendly demeanors make this all-inclusive* resort in Belize the most reliable and comfortable place to return to each year.
Above all, what Chuck and Greg take away from these yearly trips is just how special their time together always proves to be. It is quality, uninterrupted time together, something that is hard to come by in the busy demands of daily life back home. They bring it up often throughout the year and always look forward to it. And, while their trip alone sounds like the perfect excuse for a guys trip of any sort, Greg admits that the island offers so much more to see and do than they experience in their simple (yet awesome!) bonding trip. They recommend this location and this Belize island resort in particular to anyone (men and women, both) wanting to get away and enjoy being in an authentic destination. With the island proving to be an awesome location with even more awesome people, no one can go wrong in planning a visit.
Even still, we think they're on to something great and hope to see it replicated more in the future. Dude trip, anyone? Model Chuck and Greg's itinerary or let us custom make one for you and your crew. Book your man-cation today!
*All-inclusive in Belize is not the same as other Caribbean destinations.  We offer meal plans of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with or without local alcohol.
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