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Going Green in Belize

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
02 Nov
Going green in Belize at Las Terrazas Resort
Like several other countries around the world, including many states in neighboring North America, Belize has recently joined efforts to become a "green" country…. and surprisingly, we are not just talking about the beautiful, lush scenery of which the nation boasts. The term "green living" refers to a conscious effort on both the part of a government and its citizens to become more environmentally aware and friendly by engaging in cleaner, greener practices that will further sustain the health and well-being of our planet at large. This idea is sprouting up more and more often these days, and Belize is no exception.
When a recent report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicted that plastic in oceans would outnumber fish by 2050, Belize took action. In March of 2018, various branches of the Belizean government joined forces to phase out of styrofoam and single use plastics (think straws, coke bottles, zip lock bags, and plasticware) by April 22, 2019 (Earth Day!). In addition to the plethora of environmental benefits that green living contributes to, Belize's efforts are heavily focused on this form of pollution control to protect and better care for the terrestrial and marine environments that fill and line their borders, not to mention to reduce the enormous costs associated with pollution cleanup. Though single use plastics and styrofoam may only be used for a few minutes by an individual, its material stays behind for a lifetime…quite literally, they remain for decades in landfills or, even more unfortunately, as litter that lines roads or fills rivers and oceans. The broader country of Belize has already set many alternatives in motion to help alleviate the problem of plastics with things like shopping bags, clamshell packaging, and coffee cups being produced from plant-based materials instead.
Do You Need That Straw
Belize has won recognition and praise for their dedication to the cause, and impressively, its offshore reef was recently removed from a list of endangered areas, proving that Belizeans aren't just talking the talk, but are putting their words to serious action. With the bulk of the island residents making their livelihood as fishermen and tour operators for the surrounding sea and rainforests, green living is not just an idea but a conviction. Belizeans are going green, not as a trend but as a way of life and a necessity for protecting the future generations. When participating in one of the islands many fabulous excursions, the old adage remains especially true: Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. You can help keep Belize clean and green by limiting the trash you consume and bring with you.
It is not just the government and island residents alone who are committed to the cause, but companies and corporations as well. More specifically, Las Terrazas Resort on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, has put forth numerous green initiatives to help keep the country environmentally conscious and thriving. For example, the luxury island hotel has completely done away with all styrofoam and plastic straws, bottles, and coffee stirrers on their property. Their kitchen waste is turned into compost, a natural form of recycling wherein leaves and vegetable remains contribute to healthy soil that is rich in nutrients. The resort uses LED lightbulbs to save energy and they have installed water-saving shower heads and toilets throughout the property. On-demand water heaters warm up upon use, saving energy and eliminating the need to heat enormous tanks of water. Going above and beyond in their commitment to being green, Las Terrazas Resort brings all their used ink toner cartridges to the USA to be recycled as there are currently no such facilities in Belize to do so.
As you can see, it is very important to Las Terrazas Resort management to not only commit to the idea of green living in theory, but to wholeheartedly practice it as well. And you can help! In addition to the many green alternatives Las Terrazas Resort already offers, you can help contribute to their efforts with a little planning ahead to make your next vacation as green as they are. Rather than coming in to Belize plastic heavy, consider packing your toiletries in reusable bottles, pre-packing your snacks in small, portable containers, bringing your own reusable water bottles, and foregoing straws!
Here are some travel tips to help you reduce your environmental footprint while on vacation at Las Terrazas Resort:
  • Invest in reusable water bottles to avoid plastic bottles
  • Bring your own soap, shampoo, and conditioner in bar form rather than the plastic travel-sized versions
  • Always carry a reusable shopping bag with you to prevent adding more plastic bags to the landfills
  • Enjoy our amazing local fruits and produce while snacking versus prepackaged snacks
Fresh Fruit
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