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San Pedro, Ambergris Caye 3.5 miles North of San Pedro, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Meet the General Managers

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
30 Jan
Meet the General Managers
Las Terrazas Resort's amazing staff are known for their Belizean warmth, hospitality, and professionalism, and are one of the many reasons that guests return to the resort time and time again. From their many years of expertise, their jovial relationships with hotel guests, and their eagerness to go above and beyond in their duties, this staff outshines all others with their excellence and service. Our new General Managers are no exception, and it is our joy to introduce them to you this month! Without further ado, we are proud to announce our new husband and wife GM team, Carolyn Lloyd and Stephen Calland!
Though they just joined the Las Terrazas Resort family in May of 2018, Carolyn and Stephen have worked together for over 19 years at resorts in a variety of exotic locations including the United Kingdom, Majorca, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts, Tobago, Jamaica, and of course, now Belize. This dynamic duo first met in 2000, when Carolyn interviewed and employed Stephen as her Deputy General Manager for the hotel that she was managing in the UK. Things turned saucy when Carolyn broke her own rules and mixed business with pleasure; the two married in 2002, and the rest is history! When asked about how many children they have, they often joke that they have "about 70" - that being the number of employees they manage here in Belize! All jokes aside, Carolyn and Stephen have cultivated a familial environment amongst their staff and take their role as managers to heart. They earnestly desire to try and help guide their staff through whatever obstacles they encounter, whether it be physical, personal, or just being available to lend an ear. Above all their other managerial responsibilities, they place great value on staff care and feel the weight and responsibility of looking after their well-being. After 19 years of such genuine and heartfelt leadership and parental care, it has become a way of life… and one that Carolyn and Stephen would not want any other way.
Aside from the shared joy of co-managing their amazing staff, Carolyn and Stephen confide many unique tidbits about working with one another - both the ups and the downs. On the positive side, they are both very competitive and driven and encourage one another to succeed and excel in all that they do. They genuinely enjoy and have fun working alongside one another and the wonderful opportunity they have to meet so many people from around the world. Of course, managing an all-inclusive, exclusive boutique island resort together in Belize presents some challenges, and they admit that finding time off together is difficult and has sometimes forced them to vacation separately. Though they are both originally from the UK, they have since made Grand Bahama their true home, and as resort managers who live onsite must feel (no matter how luxurious their Belizean hotel headquarters!), they do miss home and appreciate when they have the opportunity to return.
Working together as a couple makes Carolyn and Stephen twice as strong. Their combined knowledge enhances guest experience, team development, and professional success, and their resorts have always thrived as a result. Carolyn's strengths lie in Rooms Division and property management, whereas Stephen, who is a former Executive Chef, oversees Food & Beverage and training and is passionate about great food and service. Stephen has also stepped in to officiate last-minute vow renewals for our guests, a talent he probably didn't think would find its way onto his resume. While they are each a force to be reckoned with individually, together they truly knock it out of the park!
Out of all of the hotels where they have lived and worked, Carolyn and Stephen agree that Belize is a beautiful country, noting that Ambergris Caye specifically stands out due to the variety of things available to do and experience on such a quaint island. While they semi-joke that Las Terrazas Resort is their favorite thing on Ambergris Caye, what they really love is that it is a dreamy resort that truly has everything: the sun, the sea, white sand beaches, fun, great food, friendly people, amazing adventures and experiences, and most of all the fact that this is a resort where travelers can feel safe and welcome, something that is hard to come by in many places around the world. When asked about their first impression of Ambergris Caye and Belize, they both commented that they loved the town of San Pedro from day one, naming all the exact things that everyone else seems to notice from their time here as well: San Pedro's amazing personality, its buzz that just can't be ignored, and the warmth, hospitality, and friendliness of all who inhabit it. This first impression has left a lasting one, as they have obviously made Las Terrazas Resort their home!
Carolyn and Stephen are not only an asset to the Las Terrazas Resort staff; they are the ones who are setting the tone and shaping the staff to be the best hotel that it can be! As leaders and mentors, these two are devoted to cultivating friendships among the team, making them more than just co-workers, but family. They are dedicated to running a personable, efficient, and luxurious hotel experience, one that leaves guests clamoring to come back for more. Above all, they are the faces behind Las Terrazas Resort in Belize as it is today, strongly leading behind the scenes with efficiency and grace.
Please join us in welcoming and celebrating Carolyn and Stephen to the Las Terrazas Resort family! We are so glad they are here.
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