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Mrs. Noreen at Las Terrazas Resort and Residences

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
30 Dec
Mrs. Noreen at Las Terrazas Resort and Residences
It's that time again where we get to introduce you to the superb staff members that make Las Terrazas Resort shine. You know them, love them, and spend your beach vacation with them, so here is one more rock star staff member to put before you: Mrs. Noreen Thomas.
Having been on staff for twelve plus years, Mrs. Noreen has been a part of Las Terrazas Resort and Residences since its inception. As a woman of faith, Noreen attributes her job, and all of the joy and success that she has experienced at Las Terrazas Resort, to God alone. Having never been previously employed, she came to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye looking for work in 2006. While San Pedro was not initially on her radar, she was led to the island of Ambergris Caye where she believes God provided her very first job. Noreen looks back on this time in her life as bittersweet; a season where she was both stripped of things held dear, while also experiencing the favor of God and being introduced to a community of friends that welcome her and encouraged her faith.
Noreen at pool
Having been brought to San Pedro, Noreen was first employed with our previous property, Journey's End Resort, where she served as a head waiter despite not having any previous work experience. True to her character, she demonstrated a very observant and eager spirit, always willing to learn and put into practice the skills she observed from others. It was this hard work ethic that allowed her to advance in the dining room and eventually got her invited into the Las Terrazas Resort family when it opened a few years later. Over the years, she has continued to advance in professional development and currently serves as Head of Dining in our very own O Restaurant. She asserts that her most favorite part of the job has always been that it fulfills her passion of meeting people, serving others, and the team dynamics and family feel that she has alongside her fellow staff members. She views her job as a ministry and has developed a sort of mentorship with the younger women on staff. It is her joy to love on, pour into, and encourage these women, whom she often takes under her wing. The staff likewise looks to Noreen for her tender-loving care. Her motherly presence allows them to look to her for encouragement, wisdom, and support. Some have even knocked on her door at late hours of the night seeking prayer and advice, only to discover that she had already been on her knees praying for them just minutes before they even knocked. It is this spirit that draws resort guests to Noreen's presence and has earned her great favor and respect among her staff family.
Noreen at O
At home, Noreen and her husband have been married for almost twenty years and have three children together, a nineteen-year-old daughter and two seventeen-year-old twins who recently finished high school. During this recent season, Noreen decided to take a leave from work and returned home to devote her time to raising her children as they completed these foundational years. As mothers do, Noreen wants the best for her children and makes sacrifices to give them the very best life… even if that means leaving the job that she loves. Despite loving her staff family and finding it difficult to leave them, it was this motherly love that propelled Noreen to leave Las Terrazas Resort for 10 months, despite not knowing what the future would hold for her career. Noreen never assumed that her position would be waiting for her when she was ready to come back to work, but that is precisely what happened. Despite having received other offers, Noreen was overjoyed to learn that Las Terrazas Resort was waiting to receive her back with opened arms. They had reserved her position for her, and she entered right back in as the Head of Dining as though no time had passed at all. While it was hard to leave Las Terrazas Resort, she emphasizes that it was incredibly easy to return. The decision was a no brainer: there is no other staff family she would like to work alongside than the Las Terrazas Resort family.
Noreen and Carolyn
Like most Las Terrazas Resort employees, Noreen works the traditional hotel schedule of ten days on and three days off. Like many of her fellow co-workers, she confesses that it can be hard to be away from family for such long periods of time, but she believes that it is her faith in God that gives her the strength to make it through and in all that she does she strives to give thanks to God. Though she attends Holy Ghost Church on mainland Belize when she is home, she attends Living Word while she works on the island and has found encouragement and support from both communities no matter where she finds herself. On her days off, Noreen takes the boat to her hometown of San Ignacio, Belize, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. As for her time on Ambergris Caye, she loves to swim, relax in the water, exercise, and go for runs on the beach. Her favorite Ambergris Caye restaurant is El Fogon, a traditional Belizean restaurant that is known for their woodfire cooking.
It is obvious that Noreen loves the Las Terrazas Resort community… and that Las Terrazas Resort loves her! Her hope for the resort is that guests would feel comfortable at our boutique home away from home. She desires for all guests to have the same first impression of our luxury Belize accommodations: our exceptional service and quality care that it keeps them coming back for years to come.
If you can't tell, we love Mrs. Noreen. Drop a comment below to let her know how loved and cherished she is. Or better yet, book a trip today and come meet her for yourself.
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