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The Natural Wonders of Belize

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
15 Apr
The Natural Wonders of Belize
Natural wonders and historic treasures have a way of inspiring us to see the true beauty of life. When witnessing a sight so exquisite that it takes your breath away, it helps you reflect on what is truly important and can be a cathartic and awakening experience.
Belize has no shortage of inspiring sights… we like to call them the "4 R's," Reefs, Rainforests, Rivers, and Ruins. Let's take a journey to explore what this incredible destination has to offer.


The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest and healthiest stretch of coral reef in the world. This natural formation is much more than a tourist attraction and a world-class diving location. It is the heart of the island. Without it, the island wouldn't exist, as it serves as protection from erosion, large waves, and even hurricanes.
It is also the home of marvelous marine creatures, such as manatees, nurse sharks, eagle rays, whale sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and countless other incredible species. You'd be hard pressed to find a more magical scuba or snorkeling encounter. You may even fog up your snorkel mask with tears of joy! Needless to say, you must add Belize's Barrier Reef to your bucket list.


More than half the country is a protected conservation area, so you can experience exploring an authentic jungle and a natural wildlife sanctuary. A wide range of exotic animals call these tropical forests home, including the jaguar, puma, ocelot, howler monkey, tapir, and crocodile…just to name a few. It is also inhabited by over 500 species of birds and 4,000 species of tropical flowers.
The vivid colors of these inhabitants will truly take your breath away. The land is blanketed with some of the most pristine rainforests on earth - a true natural wonder that will open your eyes to an undiscovered world.


Nothing compares to navigating one of Belize's untarnished rivers. Imagine weaving your way through the scenic backdrop of tropical rainforests, listening to the songs of exotic birds, and passing underneath caves.
Whether you'd prefer drifting slowly in a canoe or experience the adrenaline rush of white water rafting, every river experience is available in Belize. Regardless of your choice, it will be an enchanting adventure you will never forget.


You don't have to be a history buff to appreciate the amazing ruins of Belize. Known as the heartland of the ancient Maya world, Belize was once called home to more than 2 million Mayans. The ancient Maya civilization rose and fell with periods of growth and prosperity mixed with periods of war, civil anarchy, and even starvation.
After thousands of years of existence, the civilization broke apart for unknown reasons, leaving the magnificent cities to be consumed by the jungle. The Mayans have left behind quite a legacy of wonder, from sacred temples and pyramids to palaces and awesome structures. The Maya civilization has left their permanent mark on the land of Belize - and trust us, you must see it.
Now that you've dipped your toes into the national wonders of Belize, it's time to dive in and see them all for yourself. At Las Terrazas Resort, our in-house specialist can arrange your entire journey through the incredible "4 Rs" of Belize.
We book everything in house, either before arrival through our US Reservations Office, or through our Front Desk Team on site. You won't have to lift a finger!
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