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There's something about Flor!

Posted by: Las Terrazas Resort
30 Sep
There's something about Flor!
We absolutely cannot post about Las Terrazas Resort without giving credit to its fantastic employees. We love to put their faces before you - when we take the time to introduce (and brag about!) them online, it helps you to walk onto our property feeling familiar with our staff family before you even check in to your room. Today it is our joy to introduce you to our Food and Beverage Manager, Flor Esmerelda Sanchez.
Born to El Salvadorian parents who came to Belize as refugees, Flor grew up in a small Belizean Village known as the Valley of Peace. Founded by and comprised of residents who had fled from the Salvadorian Civil War in 1982, this refugee community strove to cultivate peace in their new home and Flor's childhood memories testify to as much. She fondly remembers its small neighborhood feel where local families and friends lived by the old known adage that "it takes a village to raise a village". Having only their most basic needs met, Flor and her family did not have a washing machine; she grew up having to wash her clothes in the river at 5am each morning before school. Despite growing up with seemingly little, Flor otherwise lived in abundance. She spent her days relaxing, swaying in hammocks, attending school alongside friends, raising chickens, sleeping, and enjoying her community.
Las Terrazas Valley of Peace
Spanish was Flor's first language, and though she grew up learning basic English, it largely went unpracticed. By the time she reached high school, she desired to grow in English fluency, knowing that it was the official language of Belize and believing that doing so would enhance her opportunities. Reading and watching TV provided the way for her to learn and she was fluent by the time she was a teenager. Upon finishing high school in the Valley of Peace, Flor came to the island of Ambergris Caye for further education. She received her Associates Degree in Tourism Management and began her career at another island resort on Ambergris Caye. There she grew in her skills, starting first with laundry, then moving up into housekeeping, before settling into the resort's restaurant. Having established herself there, she then joined the Las Terrazas Resort staff and has spent the last 8 years blowing us away with her exceptional service. Flor has continued to amaze us and has again advanced herself, first as a waitress in our fantastic O Restaurant, then as a supervisor, and now having just recently earned the impressive title of Food and Beverage Manager.
Las Terrazas Flor1
As Food and Beverage Manager, Flor manages the Food Service Team, ensuring that O Restaurant offers a full five-star, guest-focused experience. She ensures that beverage stocks and sales are maintained, as well as promotes Food and Beverage specials for Las Terrazas Resort guests and O Restaurant patrons. She has gone above and beyond in her services, even spending time in Accounting and the Front Office to assist when things get busy and to expand her business knowledge. All of these roles keep Flor busy! She typically works the average 8-hour shift, unless there is a wedding, meeting, or special event. One of the most unique parts of her job is that she implements the wedding plans that brides first put into motion with our US-based Director of Sales, Carolyn Stone. Carolyn plans the intricate wedding details with our brides, but it is Flor who turns those dreams into reality. She sits in on every meeting with brides once they arrive on Ambergris Caye and gives her undivided attention to their preferences, making sure that the Belizean wedding she coordinates at Las Terrazas Resort will be the fantasy that bride always dreamed of.
Above all, Flor loves her place in the Las Terrazas Resort family. She loves the staff and the guests who come through, often times more than once. She loves meeting people from other places. Most Las Terrazas Resort guests are American, but we also welcome travelers from all over the world including (but not limited to) those who are English, Caribbean, and Guatemalan. She enjoys hearing stories from people of all walks of life and has even been a little star struck by some of our guests, ranging from singers to artists, Hollywood actors, models, and even the US American Olympian Simone Biles!
Flor has lived on Ambergris Caye in Belize for more than 10 years and loves it. She first lived in San Pedro Town but found it to be more bustling and busier and has since moved to a quieter area on the island just north of town….  which she says feels like a constant vacation spot! In her spare time she enjoys swimming or just enjoying her downtime by reading, relaxing, sleeping, and relishing in a refreshing Belizean cocktail, her favorite's being a good ole classic beer or margarita. She loves frequenting Secret Beach and enjoys authentic Belizean food like papusas and fry jacks. She recommends that visitors must try Briana's on back street for a taste of authentic Belizean flavors.
Las Terrazas Flor2
One thing you'll notice about Flor—when leaving her presence on the property she'll say with a warm smile, "See you later!". She manages the perfect blend of working hard and mingling with hotel guests, never being too busy to stop and get to know those who walk through our palapa. What she wants guests to ultimately remember from their stay is that Las Terrazas Resort stands out for its authentic family feel. She hopes that guests will leave feeling satisfied yet longing to come back to Las Terrazas Resort time and time again.
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